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SEO Company In Kerala

Intuisyz is one of the best SEO Companies in Kerala, located in Kochi. We provide high quality SEO services for business websites, corporate business firms & small business start ups. SEO or search engine optimization is one of top rated online marketing method which utilized search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc as main resource for business inquiries and business development process.


 Keyword Analysis

We identify the keywords that your potential customers use to search in major search engines.

  Website Audit

A detailed audit of your website in terms of Design, User Interaction, Quality of content and the adherence of best practices recommended by major search engines is performed.
In case if you don’t have a website yet, we create a website for you at an affordable cost, incorporating all the best practices.

  Off-page quality check

We perform a detailed analysis of the quality of your backlinks. If there are no quality backlinks which is the case for most of the websites, there is a heck of work for us to do!

 Competitor Analysis

We identify your major competitors and come up with a strategy to beat the competition. We use some of the most expensive and industry leading software to perform this analysis. Doing this analysis helps us to understand where you stand against your competitors and come up with a better SEO strategy.

  On-Page Optimization

A large number of optimizations take place on the website to ensure that content is being properly indexed, keywords are being picked up, and H1 and H2 tags are being used effectively to allow Google and other major search engines to rank the website relevantly. An analysis and revision of the internal link structure, content keyword density, and duplicate content is performed and changes are made as necessary to ensure a high content integrity. Furthermore, additional steps are taken to improve upon website content .

  Content Development

You might have heard people in SEO industry saying “Content is King”. At intuisyz, we measure the quality of your content in terms of uniqueness, relevancy and various other factors and write/rewrite your content to be more interesting and to align with Google’s guidelines .

 Search Engine Submission

We submit your website to leading search engines for better visibility .

  Off-page Optimization

We implement an effective link building strategy that will get your website quality backlinks. Based on the package you choose the number of backlinks to your website.


We implement some of the tracking tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmasters to track the progress of SEO.

Why should you hire a professionally qualified SEO team?

SEO or search engine optimization is a common term today. We have all heard it and using it to accomplish business and marketing goals. The most common definition of SEO by digital marketing companies is that it is a tool to rank your content higher in the search engine.
SEO experts Kerala understand that SEO does much more than ranking the content. Here are a few main benefits of SEO that you can reap.

Increased conversion rates

Ad agencies in Kerala and all over the world prefer using SEO for all their online content. This is because it helps your content reach the right audience. When the relevant ads are displayed, it generates leads to visit the website.
SEO can be helpful to increase the conversion rates as the leads are people who are genuinely looking for a particular product and service. When they come across the person who sells it is more likely that they purchase it.


It will be ridiculous to see an unwanted ad every time you log in. But if you witness something that you are in search of, it saves your time of research. SEO will do that for your business.
The primary benefit of implementing SEO is to the ads in front of customers looking for it. This way, you pull quality rather than push your ads to them.


All the benefits of SEO are interlinked. When there are more rates, it directly leads to an increase in turnover and eventually profits. The only condition here is that the business provides best in class services and products. Local users are also encouraged to visit the physical store by looking at the Google rankings.
A recent survey stated that when you implement SEO in the business, almost 50% of web traffic the website. Also, if you manage to reach on page 1 of the search engine, it is likely that 90% of internet traffic witnesses the content.


You might have to visit SEO experts Kerala for the initial stages of implementing SEO for the website. However, once the work is done, you never have to pay for its services. It may take about half a year to increase your rankings if done correctly.
After the said time SEO will take care of promoting the business without any additional charge.
With SEO, the opportunities are limitless. Increase in brand awareness is one vital reason for increased traffic. SEO will help you through all stages of marketing the business. It is high time to visit SEO experts Kerala and work on employing SEO for the success of your firm.


When on a search engine, people mostly prefer clicking on the content that stays on the first page. It is because they trust those websites. If your content also reaches a high-rank people will trust it more than your competitors.
Let’s all agree with the fact that Google is a trusted source of information. Hence, when you rank higher on google and also the analytics suggest products from your site, people are more likely to visit the website.


SEO is one employee who will never sleep and always be to increase your rankings even when you take rest. As you employ SEO through a web designing company in Ernakulam, it is viable to increase the traffic every day.