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Google Advertisement is a very effective marketing tool, even for small businesses

What do we do?

  • Plan cost/enquiry and cost/sales

  • Help improve these continuously

Why not do it yourself?

  • Poor targeting costs money

  • Correct measurement of performance requires expertise

  • Quality of creatives is critical

  • Websites User experience needs optimization



Case Study - Kalyan Developers

The case study details the challenges faced, the solutions discovered, the strategies devised, and the results achieved during the digital marketing campaign. It can also be considered as a guideline material for any digital marketing campaigner, especially a startup.

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Customer Stories


Ad Campaigns

Display Ads Cheap Low Medium Highest Takes time High
Youtube Ads Expensive Medium High High Medium Medium
Search Ads Not Required High Highest Low Quick Low
Local Ads Low N/A High Highest Quick Low

Are you facing these problems ?

  • Low Quality Leads High Cost / Sales

  • Not able to scale up campaign

  • Ads are set up, but not receiving traffic

  • Not able to set up campaign

Key Benefits Of The Google Ads Campaign

Increase In The Brand Name

Google Ads is unarguably the best when it comes to advertising your brand. The advertisements are placed when the potential consumer might view them.

Whenever a Google search is related to the product of a particular brand, the advertisement of the same brand appears on the screen.

Measure Your Performance Consistently

Google ads help to track the traffic generated through a specific advertisement. The number of customers who revert to an endorsement is calculated.

Simultaneously, the keywords that drive them to the ad are also considered. This thorough scrutiny can be done of the brand's performance.

The Gmail Inbox Marketing

A recent survey report states that an individual spends 4 hours daily scrolling through the work email. Isn't that a reason enough to comply with Google's advertisement in the Gmail inbox?

The Google ads are visible at the top of social and promotion tabs. These look like simple emails, but once they get clicked, the brand's website is opened for the customer.

Tackle Your Competition Better

Analyzing the competitors' strengths is essential to beating them, and Google has provisions for this.

The other brand bidding for the same keyword can also be viewed if the business is more than yours. Keeping track of the keywords they use for advertising purposes is quintessential.

Location Preferences

Some products and services are in demand in a specific area and not needed in other places. Hence,

Google Ads helps eliminate some IP addresses to bar the endorsement at that particular place.

Change Ads Anytime

It's normal for a man to evolve and develop new and better ideas to work with.

If that happens and you wish to reset your advertisement, Google ads provide a straightforward way to do that with just a few clicks.