E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is powerful

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Email Marketing

One of the vital marketing objectives is maximum reach amongst the potential customers, and nothing can be better than email marketing. The email could be of different reasons as in informing the customer about the novelty of products or the future reductions. If done correctly, email marketing can give an excellent return on investment even today.

Factors to consider

Engage your audience

Try not to send unsolicited emails. This is much easier said than done. We need to make sure your email is useful to the recipient.

Only then, you will be able to create a sales funnel through email marketing.


Very often, you fire the messages and assume they have reached your customers. Most emails end up in the spam folder. Even when it is delivered to the inbox,

they are very often not read. When they bother to read them, they are not engaging. You need tools to measure all these metrics.

Email Content

If you don’t have a compelling subject line, nobody will read the email content. If you manage to write a good subject line,

you need to make sure your audience reads the email and don’t forget it right away. Are you able to emotionally connect with your audience with your email ?

Quality of Email database

There are many agencies who claim to provide email databases, most of these databases are not helping. A carpet bombing approach doesn’t work in email marketing.

The first step is to make sure your email database is at least 80% potential customers.