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Social Media Advertising

Scrolling through social media feeds has become a habit for most people. Through social media advertising, businesses can target their messages to the audience most likely to purchase their products and services.

Cost Effective

With narrow target audiences, distribution cost is never wasted. You can measure your success with campaigns through various social analytical tools, so you can ensure you are spending your marketing distribution budget efficiently.

Social Leverage

If your content can appeal emotionally to your audience, they will want to converse with you and sometimes they act as your brand ambassadors by sharing your content.


Being the social media with the largest audience, it can reach out to a huge audience through a variety of methods. It has a very advanced advertising platform. This is a must use platform for B2C businesses.

Linked In

If you are a B2B business, Linked In may be more suitable as most decision-makers are active on Linked In.


This platform has effectively replaced the traditional TV advertisement as the first choice of video advertisement delivery.


Every social media caters to a niche audience. You can have a strategy based on your requirements.


Although not as big as facebook in terms of audience size, this is where most HNIs and the elite roam around. So, if you have a product suitable for that audience, twitter is a must.


Products and services focused on the youth must always pay attention to Instagram. The Facebook advertising platform delivers advertisements on Instagram.