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How a leading technology company increased their organic traffic growth by 180% using SEO services from Intuisyz

  • The Client

    Our client Skoolbeep focuses on developing advanced software solutions for school operations. Their comprehensive suite of products simplifies various administrative tasks and enhances communication between schools, parents, and teachers.

  • The Problem

    Skoolbeep operates within a highly competitive market, with numerous other companies offering similar school operation software solutions. Establishing a competitive edge and standing out from the crowd was tough. Despite its exceptional product offerings, Skoolbeep's website struggled to rank well on search engine result pages(SERPs), and it needed to receive more organic traffic to generate leads and sales. This crucial challenge of limited online visibility led them to approach Intuisyz.

The Strategy

To achieve Skoolbeep's goals, we devised and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy. The key steps involved were as follows:

Our first step was understanding the client's business objectives. This helped us identify the keywords most relevant to their product and target audience.

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Skoolbeep website to identify critical issues and areas for improvement. We also performed regular SEO audits and collaborated with the web development team to implement user-friendly features, fix critical issues and optimize website performance for a better user experience.

We did thorough keyword research to identify high-intent keywords relevant to Skoolbeep's product and target audience. These keywords were then optimized for SEO and business needs to drive relevant traffic to the website.

We developed a content marketing strategy to create high-quality and informative blog posts related to the education system and Skoolbep's software features. Regular blog posts were published to provide valuable insights, educational content, and solutions to common challenges faced by schools.

We implemented a strategic link-building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites, which could help to improve Skoolbeep's website authority and visibility in search engine results.

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Analyzing the SEO metrics

To measure the website performance, we regularly analyzed the SEO metrics like organic traffic, organic keywords, traffic value and organic positions. This helped to determine top-performing pages, top-converting keywords and areas of the website that need to improve search rankings. The below are the details of the metrics analyzed:
Tracking performance and progress: Ahrefs Rank 9, 07,562

1.Organic Traffic

The widget below summarises the website's organic traffic from 2016 to 2023. It shows how much traffic it gets compared to all other sites on the internet. From the below metrics, in Jan 2020, the growth was at baseline, then we can see a change from 2021, and in Jan 2022, it reaches the peak point.


2. Organic Keywords

By analyzing these results, we identified new keyword opportunities and competitors. The below graph shows that the growth was at baseline up to the middle of 2020. From there onwards, a change in growth was seen, and now, in 2023, achieved a good position in the industry. Relevant keywords like school app, library management system, etc., were positioned on the first page.

3. Organic Traffic value

This graph shows the number of visits to the website from organic or paid search traffic.


This report shows which website pages receive the most organic traffic.

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4. Organic Positions

The below graph shows Estimates based on the keywords' search volume and weighted rank positions.


The Results

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Increased Organic Traffic:

Skoolbeep's website experienced a remarkable 180% increase in organic traffic. This influx of targeted visitors translated into more potential customers discovering Skoolbeep's products and services. Monthly traffic increased from 9k to 14k, resulting in a saving of 50k of monthly ad expenses.

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Higher Keyword Rankings:

Skoolbeep's keyword rankings for relevant search queries saw remarkable improvement. 323 relevant keywords related to products and features positioned on the first page, and 105 keywords ranked within the first three pages

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Online Visibility:

Skoolbeep's overall online visibility improved significantly. They achieved higher search engine rankings, leading to increased brand exposure and recognition within their target market.

The Conclusion

The Skoolbeep case study shows how a comprehensive SEO strategy by Intuisyz resulted in a significant boost to their business. The combination of on-page optimization, technical SEO fixes, content marketing, and link-building efforts yielded tangible results and helped them establish a more substantial online presence within their niche.