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Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan jewellers, founded in 1993, has grown rapidly since then and has become one of the largest jewellery store chains in India, with a revenue of $1.5 billion.


Before initiating a digital marketing method to increase website traffic and engage the audience, the very first step was to change the whole design and website structure to a more appealing and easily navigable one. An ideal content strategy was to be executed for organic traffic growth. According to organic search from Jan 2018-Jan 2021, generating traffic and leads is the most significant marketing challenge.



We provided both digital marketing consulting and search engine optimization. We have executed effective SEO strategies by identifying and optimizing high volume keywords. We have developed content-rich pages and performed on-page and off-page optimization. Regular audits and studies were conducted to ensure optimal performance; the strategies employed were revised and improved every month.


The website has become more visually appealing and engaging to the audience. Organic traffic increased steadily within a few months. Ranking increased in organic search, which results in a 100 % increase in website traffic in 7 months. Monthly traffic increased from 1.25 lakhs to 2.25 lakhs, and a sum of INR 40 lakhs was saved in monthly ad expenses. Overall better results have been achieved within budget limits.

ORGANIC SEARCH (Jan 2018-Jan 2021)

Since 1993 Kalyan jewellers has mastered their art of creating better designs in ornamental attire. We have regularly monitored SEO matric values to measure website performance like organic traffic, organic keywords, traffic value, PPC ads, and organic positions. This analysis helps determine top performing pages, top converting keywords and areas of the website that need to improve search rankings. Tracking performance and progress: Ahrefs Rank 250,357

1.Organic Traffic

The widget below shows a year over year summary of our website’s organic traffic. It shows how much our website traffic gets compared to all other sites on the internet. From the below metric, in Jan 2018, the growth was in baseline then we can see a change of website from 2019, and in Jan 2020 it reaches the peak point. In Jan 2021, it maintained stability.


2. Organic Keywords

By analyzing these results, we identified new keyword opportunities and competitors. The below metric shows the growth was on the base line up to the middle of 2019. From there on words a change in growth seen and now, in 2021, achieves a good position in the industry.

3. Organic Traffic value

Number of visits to website from organic or paid search traffic


This report shows which website pages receives the most organic traffic.

4. Organic Positions

Estimate based on the search volume and weighted rank positions of the keywords.


These reports indicate Kalyan Jewellers ranking positions improved over time with effective SEO strategies.