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Branding Agencies in Kerala


Branding is vital for differentiating oneself from competitors since customers will identify the firm through their marketing concept. A company's goal is to instil brand belief in a customer, as everything depends on how items are branded. Branding a new item in a competitive business via the Internet takes much effort and study. Although there is a competitive purpose, organizations may benefit from thinking outside the box for their continued existence. Let us now go on to the side that emphasizes the significance of branding by highlighting some of the top-notch branding agencies in Kerala.

1. PhiD Concepts

PhiD Concepts began as a regular advertising and brand consultant in 2011. Developed into a full-service brand architect providing all creative services. One of PhiD's unique features is their brand consultancy launchpad for start-ups, known as Brand BOT. PhiD Concepts is regarded as one of the top Brand Consultants in Kochi and Bangalore. They assist brands in implanting concepts in the minds of their clients.PhiD has unique outdoor commercials, web marketing, and POS advertising with well-known brands such as Dhathri, Haymond Automobiles, Narurobell, and many others. Some of their exceptional services include:

  • ● Branding

  • ● Brand Experience Design

  • ● Brochure Designs

  • ● Brand Communication

  • ● Packaging Designs

2. Owl Generation

Owl Generation was conceived as a creative ad firm in Calicut, working with like-minded individuals who appreciate the flexibility to create really unique solutions to their challenges. The team of professional brand consultants brings motivating enthusiasm to the table, as well as the ability to discover clarity in a difficult brief and the ability to read between the lines. Owl Generation provides its clients with the best branding and campaigning solutions by transforming innovative concepts into trustworthy brands that include the following items.

  • ● Brand Identity Development

  • ● Ad Campaigns

  • ● Brand Promotions

The team has collaborated and formed partnerships from big to small organizations, like Indomie, Food Polo, Zaatar Wa Zaitoon to mention a few.

3. Xpresso Globa

Extend your online presence with Xpresso Global, an integrated communication firm that transforms organizations by delivering ROI-driven 360° communication strategies fueled by the strong creative and user-centric approach necessary to upscale enterprises and brand image. They provide smart campaigns that are memorable and effective. They strive to provide clients with surprising ideas and distinctive solutions that mix intelligent thinking, technology, and cost-effective production. The team's headquarters are in Calicut, and they provide the greatest digital branding and tactics to keep things moving ahead. With distinctive taglines, captivating logos, and creative marketing strategies, Xpresso establishes a place in the minds of its clients.

  • ● Digital Branding

  • ● Events

  • ● Public Relations

  • ● Media Consulting

4. Hammer India

Hammer India, Kerala's first branding and creative agency from Kochi, is a strategy-driven communications provider with a complete range of services to assist clients in managing their brands across the entire brand lifetime. They provide services ranging from name to establishing visual and verbal identity systems coordinated with the business's personality. You may rely on them as your brand's curator, communication expert, and media doctor. With more than 10+ years of experience and a diversified portfolio of clients worldwide, Hammer has cemented itself as an industry leader. The experienced team combines distinct advertising, design, and business strategy skill sets to create a seamless and results-driven branding approach. They take incredible pride in expressing the high standards that the customers intend to promote by collaborating with PankajaKasthuri, Paragon Footwears, and Sobha Builders. Below are some of the areas in which Hammer excels.

  • ● Product branding

  • ● Product Communication

  • ● Media Consulting

  • ● Outdoor Hoarding Services

Brandmac cooperates with companies such as Mama’s Quality Foods, Planet Solutions and many other established business brands.

5. Stark Communications Pvt. Ltd

Stark Communication is adamant that brands require a coherent and all-encompassing marketing strategy in these times of extreme fragmentation. As a result, a wide range of services arose, including branded content, strategic planning, business consulting, advertising, and design. This strategy has a strong track record of client retention, with some partnerships lasting more than 20 years coming from the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum. Stark's objective is to give their potential clients the service they need to achieve the desired result fully. It is a sincere goal and final obligation to improve the success rate for all their clients, including prominent media brands like Asianet, Zee Keralam, and Malayala Manorama. Listed below are the current services they provide.

  • ● Branding & Promotions

  • ● Strategic Planning

  • ● Brand Collaterals


MEDIAHAWKS Advertising, yet another branding leader from Cochin, is the most inventive, devoted, and productive marketing and communications with a degree of quality that exceeds their greatest expectations. They build a brand strategy to form a set of principles and a proposition from which a brand identity may be created and benchmarked, allowing the client to determine whether the creative thoughts are relevant. The team works with a brief derived from a defined brand strategy, allowing the client to rationalise design decisions and, as a result, run the risk of feedback being subjective. Some of their collaborations include automobile pride entities like Ford, Mercedes Benz, Mahindra and so on. Listed below are the unique services that they offer to their clients.

  • ● Media Advertising

  • ● Strategic planning and execution

  • ● Branding & Re-Branding

  • ● Brand Publicity & Promotions

  • ● Event Designing & Development

  • ● Creative Designing

  • ● Graphic/ Product/Print Designing

7. BISCON Media Solution Pvt.Ltd

BISCON Media Solution is a reputable and well-recognized business consulting and media agency in Cochin that has made remarkable strides in brand promotions. BISCON works directly with the organizations to get intimately familiar with all aspects of their operations. The second significant distinction is that they allow the clients to participate at every stage of the process, from planning to creative execution.
BISCON concentrates on offering consistently pleasing results in marketing and advertising. The most innovative and client-focused people work here to maintain and update the regular meetings and information in real-time as they provide a unique method to the clients. Sevana Curry Powder, Kairali TMT Steel, and Seemati are just a handful of the notable home brands of Kerala that they associate with through branding and promotions. The services they have here are

  • ● Outdoor Advertisements

  • ● Shop Brandings

  • ● Promotional Activities

  • ● Event Management

  • ● Corporate Ad Production

  • ● Marketing Planning & Consultancy

  • ● Graphic & Interior Designing

8. Capio Interactive

One of Calicut’s unique and exclusive digital marketing firms, Capio Interactive offers a broad range of imaginative and technologically advanced services to companies all over the world. They are a creative team of brand marketers, graphic designers, and digital strategists that are enthusiastic about inspiring brand identities, influencing thoughts, and experimenting with unique package designs to achieve the appropriate brand mix. They efficiently perceive and comprehend each client's unique challenge, from brand development to seasonal menu promotions, and uncover what excites their customers the most.
Along with their illustrious food branding like Indian Secrets, Golden Bakers and Alhorria Cafeteria they offer a wide range of services that help businesses and brands reach new heights as given below.

  • ● Corporate Branding

  • ● Food Branding

  • ● Package Design

9. Pitch Creatives

Pitch is a digital marketing firm that enjoys working with companies and acting as a success story's spark based in Cochin. The driving force behind this passion is the creativity that propels one to serve as a brand's creative voice. They like collaborating with companies and serving as catalysts for success stories. Their capital is their advertising ideas and enthusiasm, which has led us to serve as the brand's creative spokesman.

  • ● Strategy

  • ● Branding

  • ● Advertising

  • ● Production

  • ● Digital

  • ● Design


10. Organic BPS

With its name and guiding principles, Organic BPS promoted authentic, unplanned, and natural brand communication. Organic was transformed into India's first purpose branding company over 20 years ago. The two crucial facets of corporate growth are sustainability and inclusivity. They have learned from their expertise in creating belief-driven brands that a company's greater purpose fosters more substantial stakeholder commitment, consumer loyalty, reliable earnings, and a lasting legacy. With CHPB, a worldwide thought leadership observatory, Organic BPS, a purpose branding company, and Greenstorm Foundation, a global creative conservancy, they work towards their purpose of creating a beautiful world where people, businesses, and the environment coexist in peace. They have extensive collaborations with renowned names such as Bhima, Alapatt Heritage, Surya TV, and many more. They provide a vast array of brand consulting services, including everything from developing the brand identity to sustaining it through

  • ● Purpose Communication

  • ● Purpose Discovery

  • ● Purpose Activation