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Great Design Isn’t Enough Anymore

What interests your audience? What keeps them entertained? What do they look forward to read, watch and listen?

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Did you know?

Most people do not browse past page 2 of Google results. They trust Google to list only the best at the top and are often satisfied with the first page of results. Making it to the top of Google is one of the most difficult yet rewarding ways to establish your name in your business sphere.

You Are Who Google Says You Are

  • Pay more attention to your online profile.
  • Social media is the new word-of-mouth marketing hotspot.

Every single day, we come across a number of eye-catching illustrations in newspapers, appealing flex boards aside roadsides, memorably witty television commercials, etc. Advertising is arguably the most powerful art form on earth. The power of advertisement seeps through every one of us daily at a depth we do not realise. How do you think major companies survived the advent of internet over television and radio? If they can do it, what is stopping you?

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INTUISYZ is outstanding in its multitude of marketing strategies both online and offline. We help you reach out to the world in the most effective way possible. Roar with us and let your voice echo in the minds of customers!



Target specific customers through sponsored links, and use tests to discover which ads work better for you. It is an effective advertising model and has the potential to bring thousands of customers across the world to you with a single click.


Display and banner ads continue to be one of the most popular modes of advertisement even in the internet age. This method captures the attention of your customers and make them aware of the existence of your product, so that they approach your brand when they need the product.


Search engine optimisation helps you make it to the top of Google by inserting top search keywords into your websites and a lot more. This is one of the most rewarding methods of marketing, and is distinctly popular amongst internet marketers. Though getting to the top is a time consuming and relatively expensive process, the top 5 results get 75% of clicks and is worth the effort.


Contextual ads display ads contextually on other websites and attract your customers to explore you. It is a form of targeted advertising and is generally seen as banners and pop-ups in websites. Today contextual advertising is popular even in the arena of video games. Recently, the trend in contextual advertising is seen to migrate towards behavioural advertising, depending on the online behaviour and searches of a customer. Nevertheless, it is a popular form of advertising with higher conversion rates.


Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are invariably the most happening platforms to build your brand name. These are goldmines for intelligent marketers, as there is no place more efficient to improve brand loyalty and to convert visitors to future customers. On sites such as Facebook, all it takes is a ‘like’ for your ads and posts to reach your customers daily, that too free of cost. Social Media marketing is the next big thing, and it is already happening.