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As a case study, described below is a successful digital advertising campaign for Kalyan Developers, a prominent real estate developer in Kerala, conducted by INTUISYZ. The case study details the challenges faced, the solutions discovered, the strategies devised, and the results achieved during the digital marketing campaign. It can also be considered as a guideline material for any digital marketing campaigner, especially a startup.

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Kalyan Developers is the group company of Kalyan Jewellers, a leading jewellery group in the country. In 2011, Kalyan Developers forayed into real estate development with their maiden project in Thrissur. Today, Kalyan Developers has grown into one of the most trusted builders in Kerala. ‘Best Debutant Award’ has been conferred on the company by Realty Plus Magazine, India’s leading real estate monthly. The company’s prestigious projects spread across five major cities -- Trivandrum, Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam and Calicut.


To build a solid digital presence for a company that has real estate development projects only in Thrissur.

To bring complete digital marketing transition to a company that relies heavily on non-digital means of advertisement.

To optimise the cost of digital marketing, an economical advertising medium six years ago.

1.Cost Optimised Search Engine Marketing

During 2014-2015, Search Engine Marketing was in its infancy, and the competition for Kalyan Developers was very low, with only four competitors. So, Search Engine Marketing incurred only one-fourth of the cost it demands today. In 2020, the number of competitors for the company increased to 20. The cost-optimised search engine marketing strategy made Kalyan Developers noticeable in the digital world and enabled them to attract the target audience’s attention at a lower cost. The optimisation of the website of the Kalyan Developers enhances its user-friendliness and easy navigation to generate genuine online enquiries. At every stage of the advertising campaign, we maintained a strict budget to make sure every single penny was being rightly spent on the right advertising platforms targeting the right customers.



2. A Data-Driven Collaborative Approach

We maintained a collaborative approach throughout the digital marketing campaign. It involves ongoing consultation with the top-level officials to make them aware of the digital marketing strategies involved and bring more sales to the business. The consulting process was very precise in that they could lay out the exact online marketing cost incurred for the sale of single real estate property of the company. The accurate data- driven cost analysis helped the company to sell each of their real estate properties profitably.

3.Identification of Customer Intent

This strategy aims to identify the customer intent before it has been introduced to the online traffic and filter the online advertisements in accordance with it. Enhancement in Click-Through Rates (CTR) helps to reduce the cost-per-click (CPC) and optimised the online marketing campaign.


Filtering done by Intent of client

4. Generation Of Quality Enquiry

The careful identification and elimination of negative keywords or negative matches from the online searches helped to bring down the cost per click and, thus, to maintain a healthy budget for digital advertising. It also helped to generate quality online enquiries. Extensive open discussions and follow-ups of the enquiry handling team ultimately converted the online leads into new clients of Kalyan Developers.


Filtering done by Improving Enquiry Quality

5.Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Implementation of the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy helped Kalyan Developers to gain greater online visibility. The introduction of the ‘a call to action’ option in the website boosted the frequency of genuine online enquiries. The chat script used in the online chat box was manually updated to create an engaging user experience. It, in turn, helped to convert more online enquiries to sales. By analysing customer behaviour patterns, further developments were made in the CRO strategy to bring the consistency that defines the overall success of the digital marketing campaign.


Filtering done by CRO


Meticulous planning and execution of the digital marketing campaign helped Kalyan Developers accomplish digital transformation in marketing. Kalyan Developers, a company that once relied heavily on non-digital mediums for advertising, witnessed that 90% of their business comes from digital platforms today. It also prompted Kalyan Developers to bestow the digital marketing operation of Kalyan Jewellers, their parent company, on us.