Google Ads

Decide Your Traffic

Google Adwords is now Google Ads

Google Ads which was formerly known as Google Adwords is a massive platform for brands to sell their products and services. The specific keywords are recognized, and then an auction is conducted where the brands make their bids to showcase the clickable advertisement of their product in the search result. It is a pay per click advertising system. The process of scrolling through the exact keywords and then bidding consumes time and money, but all that is worthwhile since the result is humungous reach amongst the prospective customers.


 Increase In The Brand Name

Google Ads is unarguably the best when it comes to advertising your brand. The advertisements are placed at the exact spot a time where the potential consumer might view it. Whenever a Google search is related to the product of a particular brand the advertisement of the same brand too appears on the screen.

 Location Preferences

Some products and services are in demand at a specific area and not needed in other places hence the Google Ads help to eliminate some IP addresses to bar the endorsement at that particular place.

  The Gmail Inbox Marketing

A recent survey report states that an individual spends 4 hours in a day scrolling through the work email. Isn’t that a reason enough to comply with Google place theadvertisement in the Gmail inbox. The Google ads are visible at the top of social and promotion tabs. These look like simple emails but as soon as they get clicked the website to the brand is opened for the customer.

 Measure Your Performance Consistently

Google ads help to track the traffic generated through a specific advertisement. The number of customers who revert to an endorsement is calculated, and simultaneously the keywords which drive them to the ad is also taken consideration. This thorough scrutiny can be done of the brand’s performance.

 Change Ads Anytime

It’s normal for a man to evolve and come up with new and better ideas to work with. If that happens and you wish to reset your advertisement, the Google ads provide a straight forward way to do that just by few clicks.

  Tackle Your Competition Better.

Analysing the competitor’s strength is essential to beat them, and Google have provisions for the same. The other brand bidding for the same keyword can also be viewed if the business is more thatyours keeping track of the keywords they use for advertising purposes is quintessential.