Maritus Events and Wedding Planners is a celebrated
event management company in Kerala that is popular
for organising some of the most prominent celebrity weddings
in South India. The group is sought for their professionalism
and is currently an established name in wedding planning.


To enhance the functioning speed of the existing website
along with upgrading content and appeal of the previous
website.A new and interactive website for wedding shopping had to be introduced and an application for mobile phones had to be developed inculcating the diverse facets of services offered by Maritus.


Revathy Kalamandir is a Malayalam film production house
founded in 1993. More than 43 films have been produced
under this banner, and today, after 30 years of its establishment,
RKFA is an accomplished name in the Malayalam film industry.
Over time, the production house has nurtured
many talents and paved the paths to fame for various celebrities.


To develop an interactive website for an already established institution matching up to their brand name. Immediate launching was required, without in any ways compromising on design and content. The challenge was to launch a world class website in a short span of time, matching the brand name and fulfilling the expectations of RKFA.


Daemar Contracting LLC is a leading construction
company based in the United Arab Emirates. Daemar
group is rapidly emerging as a prominent name in the
arena of construction and is presently engaged in a number
of projects across UAE, spanning across Das island, Hamriyah
Port, etc.


To aid a massive hiring process online for a company located abroad. Excellent technical support was to be provided to deliver speed and immediate response, accuracy of content etc. The differences in time zones and of working days such as Sundays was equally challenging ,
and had to be efficiently managed to ensure a smoothly functioning system that integrated all the necessities of the client.

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