In 2019, a young startup in California, US, approached us to help them build a web and mobile application that can support underprivileged students in the US. The application is developed to guide the students to choose their graduate programs, primarily in government-run community colleges.The primary motive of the web and mobile application of the US-based startup is to help the students to avoid the pitfalls of Choice Based Credit System in the US. The application can guide a student to choose the right graduate program in accordance with his or her aptitudes and interests. It can also help them to find out their real academic requirements and guide them to adapt to their chosen graduate program.



In an IT outsourcing project, a closer collaboration between the offshore and onshore companies can lead to greater success of the project. A combination of our decade long IT business experience and their clear-cut vision and mission turned the IT outsourcing project into a win-win affair for both companies.Our primary objective was to minimize the wastage of cost of the startup project.Creating low-cost prototypes is one of the ways we cut down the project costs. In an exponentially evolving technological scenario, we have quickly adapted to the ever-changing conditions to date. We have offered our guidance in solving the glitches in their business operations that most companies face in their startup stage.These are the major ways we overcame the challenges during the IT outsourcing project.


Our IT outsourcing project is an ongoing one that provides us with hands-on experience in futuristic bleeding edge technologies in mobile and web application development. The project is a great learning experience for both the companies involved in the project.

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