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Web Designing in Kochi – Trends

Every business has to transform into an IT company to survive. This is the new mantra. This has increased the importance of web design like never before.  A website is one of the minimum IT requirement for any business today.  Web designing service in Kerala has changed from a luxury to necessity by the end of 2016.

Web design trends change very quickly. It’s very helpful to the web designers to know what the current and upcoming trends are. It can help you meet your client’s needs. Remember one thing,  that is “trend” doesn’t necessarily mean “new.”

New improvements and changes in web design and development came in the year 2016. The professional website design is more interactive and responsive today. Today, Web design and development is not simple. It involves much creativity, technical expertise and a sound technical knowledge on latest techniques and tools used in web designing.

Web Designing in Kochi

Some recent trends in web design are:

  • Minimal
  • Flat
  • Video sliders
  • Background video
  • CSS animation
  • Long scroll
  • Hero images
  • Hamburger menus
  • Responsive
  • Mobile first
  • Newsletter popups
  • Front end frameworks

              Top 9 Trends in Web Design

 Web design has undergone a speedy development within the last 20 years, that has been characterized by innumerable new design choices and technological advances. Web design trends lasted an extended time, however these days they barely have time to completely unfold.

The following are a few examples of the newest web design trends you can expect from updated websites in 2017.

1. Use Established Layout Forms

One phenomenon has developed so quickly that several users already see it as an integral part of the menu representation:  the little menu button, referred to as the ‘hamburger button’. Initially, it absolutely was in the main used for drop-down menus on mobile apps and mobile websites.  Within the in the meantime, the sign has been used because the menu button on several desktop versions. It is identical to a layered hamburger and is illustrated using the mathematical symbol ‘≡’, which really means ‘identical’.

The second, more recent web design trend affects how content is presented. Card layouts are being used more regularly. Here, text or ‘call to action’ buttons or image-based content are presented in many boxes that are distributed over the user interface.

This provides many benefits : Additionally to the various ways in which it permits a website to be visually and clearly presented. Redistributing website content is very easy with a responsive web layout. The card layout became popular mainly through different web design platforms like Dribbble or image platforms like pinterest.

2. Interactive Storytelling

Unique content is the be-all-end-all for every website. But even the most reliable & credible websites want to represent their information in a way that prepare their content to emotionally draw in visitors. Storytelling is one of the visual and interactive design element. It is becoming a  popular way for turning even the driest of topics into presentable, interesting content. Providing informative content ties visitors to a form of interactive presentation that grows the possibility of positive responses.

Web design companies have become story tellers, just like traditional television advertisers. Consequently, web development services have transformed from a technology into an art form.

3. Ideal Loading Times

The loading time of websites sometimes increases when incorporating elaborate graphics into websites. Therefore developers must be careful to evaluate which interactive content and multimedia provides the user an added value. Here “less is more” approach is best to follow.

The same concepts apply to photos, videos and other forms of graphical media as they do to content. The content should be unique, relevant and valuable for the user and the content should only be loaded when the visitor accesses it.

4. Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling permits visitors to access new content easily by scrolling instead of clicking. When the end of a paragraph reached, the content of next page is automatically accessed. Social networks, like Facebook , have long since employed this procedure to represent their users with content that is as uncomplicated as possible. Infinite scrolling is a  common tool used in blogs. It plays a large role in 2017 and beyond.

It must be applied in some situations where the website operator doesn’t know which information is most relevant for the user. It also applies in the cases where various pieces of information are of same relevance for the reader. The following things must be followed when deciding to implement this scroll feature:

  • Every sub page must have individual URL
  • Reasonable loading time
  • Overlapping content must be avoided
  • Visitors must be able to simply locate the sought-for information
5. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling method is a necessary building block for modern websites over the past few years. The ability to move different levels of a website at various speeds generates special visual effects. This effects are combined with elements that prompt the visitor to carry out a desired action. For this reason, parallax scrolling is an excellent feature to use in tandem with interactive storytelling.

6. High Quality Illustrations

An additional web design trend that allows some websites to free themselves from the typical conventions of content.  Illustrations allow designers to echo concepts found in a text in a way that is both easy to understand and complementary to the content’s main message. Texts with illustrations are hard for competitors to copy. Finding a professional graphic designer is well worth a thought for those who are unable to produce such illustrations themselves. The best example of using such illustrations is the homepage of the online storage service, Dropbox.

7. High Quality Background Elements

The main problem of popular stock photos is implied in their very name : they are available to everyone. These photos can be found all over the web and do little to generate additional attention. For this reason, one of the important web design trends in 2017 is to use as many unique, high quality photos – especially for the website’s backgrounds.

Many trends have developed in the web design world over the past few years. Most of these trends may not last long. In 2017 responsive design will continue to be of considerable relevance. In the future, web designers will aim to create using websites easier to access and even more user friendly.

8. Internet Marketing Requirements

Today, websites are required to do much more. They need to look good, be easily accessible and also increase business.  Website Marketing companies are measuring how engaging your website is. Today’s websites are required to retain the customer’s attention for the longest possible time, and drive them to take actions desired by the business. Web designing agencies in Kochi have already started adapting to this new trend.

9. Local Language Content

As we are a web development company in Kochi, we give special attention to the local requirements. As companies are focusing more and more in niche businesses, importance of local language is increasing in all internet based media. Websites are not an exception,  more and more people are using local language in text , images and media. Some use google translator to achieve this objective, some develop separate content for local audience.  E-commerce websites design for local businesses are using local language increasingly world over.

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