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5 Web Design Tips For Internet Marketers – How to Sell More with Less Traffic

1.Make Visitors Stay longer in the website

Prospects walk into sales offices every day. The more number of potential customers, higher the chances of selling. The limitations of space limit the number of prospects you can entertain every day, in a virtual office such as a website. The possibilities are virtually unlimited. Businesses who do online marketing attract thousands of visitors into their websites and convert many of them into customers.

At the end of the day, the money you spend to do each sale will affect your bottomline. The internet makes it possible to decrease your marketing expenses while increasing the sales. Isn’t that wonderful ?

2.Engaging the Prospects Online

Just like a smart sales person engages the prospect in any shop personally, your website needs to engage surfers browsing through your website. The time they spend in your website is an indicator of how well the website is engaging with the prospects.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the measure of the number of people who leave your website before the first page gets loaded. It is the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave without continuing to view other pages within the same site. Bounce rates helps in finding out the effectiveness or performance of an entry page on generating interest to visitors in adhering to the site. Lesser bounce rate denotes better website, which can make visitors to cling on to the site. Factors affecting bounce rate are :

3.How well does your website listen to the visitors ?


We humans like to talk to people who are worthy of our attention. If a person talks about himself always, we are put off. Does he like to listen to you ?

Websites are never as good as humans in empathizing with customer’s requirement. Your website needs to learn from your sales people to do that. The more the website knows about the customer, better engaging it becomes.

Customers are looking for something that meets their requirements and at the same time within their own spending capacity. Make it easy for him to make that decision with least effort.

Answer the frequently asked questions without even being asked. Simplify the product offering using images videos and only limited text. Make it entertaining. Connect emotionally with the customer, help him to solve the problem the customer is trying to solve with your help.

If properly implemented, your website can sell better than your best sales person. Even your best sales person gets tired at the end of the day. The website doesn’t !

How intuitive is your user experience ?

The user experience of a site plays a vital role in sales. Make sure key elements of the website are catchy. Spend attention to positioning of images, buttons and text to make sure that they convey their purpose clearly.

Be Context Sensitive

When a user is visiting a particular page, try to give glimpses of the information he is likely to think of in the same page. Do not bury that information deep within menus.

Proper use of anchor texts, improves readability. The anchor texts are the clickable text in hyperlink which enables navigation to other pages. Never let your clients get tangled inside your site with complex navigation design.

4.Understand power of emotions

Emotions are the shortest path to trigger a successful business. Before that we need to figure out what appeals to our target audience to spend more time on our site. Try to put ourselves in customer’s shoe and import their emotion as ours. Thus we should ensure our trust.

Build Credibility from the beginning.

Display your best work with pride. List out your top customers in the home page itself. This gives the visitor a lot of confidence. Remember, most of the traffic at the home page may not make it to the remaining pages.

Are you on the expensive side ? Explain Why

Let us consider a visitor, who is looking for an affordable home. If the site says we only deal with luxury apartments, he will leave immediately. If the website does a good job of detailing the features we offer at the extra cost, he may change his mind.

Internet Marketing - Chat - Enquiry

5.Chat Interfaces and Inquiry Forms

Chat Interfaces

Chat windows bring in the human element. Make sure a qualified sales person answers the questions prospects have. When they are not able to address any queries, get the prospect’s contact details and get back to them.

It is very easy to convert a prospect who has decided to chat with you.

Inquiry Forms – For god’s sake ask contact number. 

It is very easy to enter phone number.  Sometimes, easier than typing your own name.

Enquiry forms should be easily accessible. These forms should have least number of mandatory fields.  The information that you would like to have, but not required can move to a second non-mandatory form.  If you know how to contact your customer, it is easier to call him up and get the remaining information.

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