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Top Digital Marketing Consultants in India

The progress in technology combined with e-commerce gave rise to the rapid growth in digital marketing. The process of attracting customers using online platforms has become a  growing trend now, and it helped to integrate various technologies in a unified fashion. The number of internet users worldwide has exceeded billions. Thus the scope of digital marketing also increased further.

Digital marketing is an improved marketing process which utilizes online platforms like social media and websites to promote, advertise and make sales with the help of the internet. There is no doubt that in today’s age, a business firm should definitely incorporate digital marketing in their marketing strategies to obtain successful business development. If you prefer to market your services online, you can consider learning digital marketing strategies and applying them yourself, or you can hire an internet marketing consultant.

So, what is the role of a digital consultant? A digital marketing consultant is a digital marketing expert who is highly skilled in applying the best online advertising strategies that suit the goal of your business. Working with such a consultant or a digital marketing company helps in bringing more leads and converting them into your potential customers.

Here is a list of ten individuals who are considered as the top digital marketing consultants in India:

1.Sorav Jain


Sorav Jain is an entrepreneur and social media expert who works as a digital marketing consultant. Sorav completed his post-graduation in International Marketing Management from Leeds University Business School. He started his career as an SEO executive at the age of 17, and now his name has been listed in the top social media professionals of India. Sorav has provided training to thousands of professionals in the field of Facebook advertising, personal branding, digital marketing etc.


2.Pradeep Chopra


Pradeep Chopra has been part of the digital industry since the year 2000. He is the CEO and co-founder of  ‘Digital Vidya’, a leading training company in India. Pradeep holds a graduation in engineering from IIT Delhi and has been working in the field of digital marketing for several years.  He has published many articles on portals like the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc etc. Pradeep has also been invited to deliver speeches about digital marketing and entrepreneurship at many global conferences.

3.Ankit Malik


With years of experience in digital marketing, Ankit has proven the ability to handle the marketing efforts of various firms. He has worked with popular brands like HBO India, Intel, Mercedes, Canon, Chevrolet etc. His services include SEO, consultation, web development, content development, SMM etc. Ankit strongly believes that he can help any brand thrive in today’s world of marketing. Ankit is also a blogger himself and has good connections with a lot of Indian bloggers.


4.Jitendra Vaswani


Jitendra Vaswani is an SEO and digital marketing consultant. He also writes blogs related to digital marketing. He has given keynotes about personal branding, online money-making etc. among various events. With more than eight years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, Jitendra possesses strong knowledge of strategies like Social Media Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation, Blogging, Local Search Optimisation, Mobile SEO, E-commerce SEO & WordPress. He also started sharing knowledge about SEO and internet marketing through his blog; .

5.Mridul Kabra


Mridul Kabra is a digital marketing expert and a TEDx speaker. He has worked as a consultant for more than hundreds of companies and helped them in achieving their sales goals. He was also invited as a digital marketing trainer at IITs, NITs and MBA colleges in India. Mridul has experience in almost all major sectors of online marketing. He also started developing Udemy courses as well.

6.Rajat Jain


Rajat Jain is the CEO of the popular digital marketing agency known by the name  ‘Shootorder’.  He is a leading digital marketing consultant in India and has worked with more than 200 clients across the globe. His agency provides services in SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing etc. Rajath Jain is an expert in developing marketing campaigns and social media consulting.

7.Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is the founder of He completed his graduation engineering and later moved on to blogging. Through blogging, he helped many individuals to make a growth in their careers. Starting his journey as a blogger, he later started learning about SEO and AdSense.  Shoutmeloud serves as the best solution for the problems of all bloggers out there.

8.Kunal Choudhary


Kunal Choudary founded the institute ‘ DelhiSchool of internet Marketing’. He provides consultation in the field of web designing, online marketing strategies, lead generation, SEO, Facebook advertising etc. Kunal has provided internet marketing services for popular brands such as Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong etc. Being an expert in affiliate marketing, Kunal has earned millions of dollars by getting into this marketing technique. He has been a part of the digital marketing industry since 2009.

9.Himanshu Arora


Himansu Arora holds graduation in computer science engineering and an MBA in marketing. He has years of experience as a digital consultant and as a digital marketing trainer.   As a trainer, he has worked with more than 75 companies and helped them design innovative digital marketing workshops. If you want to approach a digital marketing consultant in Bangalore, then you can visit the agency named Social Panga, which was co-founded by Himanshu Arora .

10.Aditya Gupta

aditya guptha

Aditya Gupta is a mechanical engineering graduate. He co-founded iGenero, which is a digital marketing agency that specializes in branding, mobile-based products, content management, web, product development etc. IGenero was founded in 2009. He is also the co-founder of ‘Social Samosa’ which is a website that covers topics related to social media in India.

If you search for ‘digital marketing consultant near me’,  you could find a lot of reputed consultants present in your location. Such individuals can provide assistance to all business firms of various categories and sizes to engage existing clients and attract new ones.

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