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List of Top IT Companies in India

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India is a hub for many Information Technology (IT) companies. Amongst them, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Infosys find themselves in the list of top 10 IT companies of the world.

IT companies in India directly recruit around 4 million people. It is estimated that almost 10 million are earning their livelihood through indirect recruitments of the IT industry. The estimates of revenue generated are around US$ 180 billion. IT sector in India is a pivotal pillar of GDP.

India is a leading IT destination across the world as we have almost 55 per cent of the world’s market share, ranging nearly US$ 195 billion.
Some bug bulls of the IT industry are the topmost in the world too. They find clients from around the globe. Companies from USA, UK, APAC, Europe and several other parts of the world do fly down to India for the services of our IT giants such as Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro etc.

Here is detailed information regarding the top 10 IT companies in India for revenue, profit, market share and other such factors.

Tata Consultancy Services


TCS finds itself on 374th position in the Forbes Global 2000 list. It is compiled to rank world’s 2000 largest publicly traded companies where there are 57 Indian companies.
Established in- 1st April 1968
Founder- Faquir Chand Kohli, Tata Sons, JRD Tata
Present CEO- Rajesh Gopinathan
Headquarters- Mumbai, India
Stock Price- TCS (NSE) Rs. 2,010.00 -95.50 (-4.54%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 20.90 billion USD
Market Capitalization- 6793.32 billion
Tata consultancy services are the world’s largest IT service provider featuring in all the prominent rank lists. TCS, along with its 58 subsidiaries, provides a wide range of products and services. TCS BaNCS and TCS MasterCraft are among the firm’s prominent software products.
TCS provides services across the globe for the following
Application development and maintenance
Asset leverage solutions
Assurance services
Business process outsourcing
Engineering and industrial services
Enterprise solutions
IT infrastructure services
Having 285 offices across 46 countries, Tata consultancy services delivers its services to 21 nations. It is the fourth largest employer in India, first in the private sector. An army of 4,46,675 employees is responsible for where TCS stands today.
TCS established the first software research development centre in India in Pune, 1981. One of the key products of this centre is TATA Swach, a low-cost purifier that was extensively deployed during the relief activities of Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004.




Established in- 7th July 1981
Founder- N R Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani
Present CEO- Salil Parekh
Headquarters- Bangalore, India
Stock Price- INFY (NSE) Rs. 732.00 -45.85 (-5.89%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 1,238.80 crores USD
Market Capitalization- 321.39 billion
Ranked at 643 in the Forbes Global 2000 list Infosys is the 2nd largest IT companies in India. It is a venture by seven engineers that includes the iconic N R Narayan Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, S D Dhibulal, S Gopalakrishnan, K Dinesh, N S Raghavan and Ashok Arora.
Infosys deals in business consulting, outsourcing and information technology. Finacle by Infosys is a universal banking solution that is extensively used for efficient functioning in banks.
Other key products of Infosys include
NIA- Next Generation Integrated AI Platform
Infosys consulting
Infosys information platform
EdgeVerve Systems
Panaya Cloud Suite
Employee strength of 2,43,454 in 82 sales and marketing offices and 123 developmental centres is responsible for the soaring success of Infosys. It also boasts of being the world’s largest corporate university situated in Mysore. In 209, Infosys was ranked as the 3rd best-regarded Company in the world by Forbes.



Established in- 29th December 1945
Founder- M H Hasham Premji
Present CEO- Abidali Neemuchwala
Headquarters- Bangalore, India
Stock Price- WIPRO (NSE) Rs. 222.40 -9.20 (-3.97%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 8.47 billion USD
Market Capitalization- 131.231 billion
Though Wipro started in 1945, the IT domain of this firm set off in 1980. Today the Company has managed to accumulate the market capital of 24.4 billion USD. It stands at 857th position in the Forbes Global 2000 list becoming the third Indian IT firm to make to the list.
In 2002, Wipro became the first Company to be certified ISO 14001. It provides business, consulting and software development services around the globe and among one of the most trusted Indian Company.
It was in 2014 when Wipro signed a 10-year pact with ATCO in energy dealings. The key focus of Wipro is on machine learning, analytics, and data sciences. At present, it is keenly interested in the massive investment of blockchain technologies.
A workforce of 1,71,425 employees around the 6 continents makes it a huge employer. The diverse portfolio of the services provided by Wipro is the hard work and dedication of its employees.

HCL Technologies


Established in- 11th August 1976
Founder- Shiv Nadar, Arjun Malhotra
Present CEO- C Vijaykumar
Headquarters- Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Stock Price- HCLTECH (NSE) Rs. 539.00 -34.05 (-5.94%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 9.3 billion USD
Market Capitalization- 156.414 billion
HCL Technologies is ranked at 879th position in the Forbes Global 2000 list. The Company was founded in 1976, but it was only in 1991 when HCL decided to enter the software service business. Today HCL Technologies is a subsidiary of Vamasundari Delhi with a chain of entities in between both of them.
The key services of HCL Technologies are
Application Services and System Integrations
Business Services
Engineering and R&D Services
Infrastructure Management Services
loT Works
Digital & Analytics
HCL Technologies has offices in 44 countries including Australia, UK, America, Denmark etc. It has spread its wings with the help of 1,47,123 employees who are dedicated to the growth of the Company. The esteemed clients of HCL Technologies include 250 companies from the Fortune 500 and 650 from the Global 2000 list that includes aerospace, defence, automotive, banking, capital markets, hi-tech, hospitality, transport, manufacturing, retail, logistics and travel.

Tech Mahindra


Established in- 24th October 1986
Founder- Anand Mahindra
Present CEO- C P Gurnani
Headquarters- Pune, India
Stock Price- TECHM (NSE) Rs. 738.70 -5.70 (-0.77%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 4.9 crores USD
Market Capitalization- 747.49 billion
Tech Mahindra is ranked at 1543rd position in the Forbes Global 2000 list that has Worlds largest Public Companies. It is the 5th largest IT firm in India. In 2013 Tech Mahindra announced a merger with Mahindra Satyam and today it proudly boasts of 946 clients worldwide.
Today Tech Mahindra works for banking, insurance, telecom, media, energy, transportation and retail outlets.
Here are a few highly-integrated platforms generated by Tech Mahindra to boost business into the digital era.
CareXa (Next Gen Customer Care)
SOCIO (Social Media Management)
UNO (Robotic Process Automation)
CAP (Cloud Aggregation Platform)
Tech Mahindra has the following services to offer-
Customer experience
Enterprise architecture
Mobility Services
Network Services
Security and risk management
With a strength of 1,31,522 employees spread in 90 countries, Tech Mahindra continues to grow and spread the legacy of outsourcing, consulting and software services.

Oracle financial services

Established in- 1990
Founder- Rajesh Hukku
Present CEO- Chaitanya M Kamat
Headquarters- Mumbai, India
Stock Price- OFSS (NSE) Rs. 2,671.10 +22.70 (-0.86%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 45.27 billion USD
Market Capitalization- 221.70 billion
Oracle Financial Services was started in the year 1990. Its headquarters is situated in Mumbai, India. It is a subsidiary of Oracle Corporations that provides IT solutions to the banking industry. Oracle has been serving more than 900 clients in 145 countries.
Oracle financial services started as CitiCorp Oversea Software Ltd. Later after a merger, it was named Citicorp Information Technologies Industries Ltd. (CITIL).
Oracle major provides for the banking sector, and the first software is created under the name of CITIL was MicroBanker. It was extensively used in many parts of the world. Later Finware and FLEXCUBE were also invented to serve the retail banking sector.
Oracle financial services deals in two products, i.e. banking and prime sourcing. Lately, it also launched products for
The internal capital adequacy assessment process
Exposure management
Enterprise performance management
Energy and commodity trading compliance
A subsidiary with the name Equinox Corporation based in Irvine, California looks after BPO, i.e. business process outsourcing. The Company employs 8,818, skilled workers for its growth.



Established in- June 2000
Founder- Jerry Rao, Jeroen Tas
Present CEO- Nitin Rakesh
Headquarters- Bangalore, India
Stock Price- MPHASIS (NSE) Rs. 839.00 -34.45 (-3.94%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 1.1 billion USD
Market Capitalization- 156.14 billion
Mphasis provides the following services to its clients from the financial service, telecom, logistics and technology industry.
Infrastructure technology and application outsourcing services
Architecture guidance
Application development and integration
Application management services
Mphasis is ranked 7th top IT companies in India and 189th in the world by Fortune India 500. It delivers to clients across the globe. With more than 60 delivery centres in 19 countries and a staff of 22,239 employees, Mphasis has the potential to grow and be at the top of its business.



Established in- 18th August 1999
Founder- Subroto Bagchi, Krishnakumar Natarajan, Ashok Soota, Anjan Lahiri
Present CEO- Debashis Chatterjee
Headquarters- Bangalore, India
Stock Price- MINDTREE (NSE) Rs. 989.00 -0.05 (-0.01%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 1 billion USD
Market Capitalization- 163.05 billion
Mindtree has more than 339 clients that it serves through the 43 offices in 18 countries. Larsen & Turbo is the parent company of Mindtree.
It deals in cloud computing, digital transformation, e-commerce, mobile application, data analytics, enterprise application integration and enterprise resource planning.
Mindtree also provides research and development services that are
Bluetooth Solutions
Digital Video Surveillance
MindTest – an integrated test methodology
MWatch- an IT infrastructure management and service program
Application management service
SAP insurance
Omni Channel
With multiple clients from the banking, capital market, consumer devices & electronics, consumer Packed Goods, Independent software Vendors, Insurance, manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality, Retail, Semiconductors etc. MindTree provides for almost all industries.
A staff of 20,000 employees who represent 65 nations, MindTree finds a place as one of the leading IT company.

Larsen & Turbo Infotech


Established in- 23rd December 1996
Founder- a subsidiary of Larsen & Turbo Ltd.
Present CEO- Sanjay Jalona
Headquarters- Mumbai, India
Stock Price- LTI (NSE) Rs. 1,895.25 -3.40 (-0.18%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 1.3 billion USD
Market Capitalization- 327.60 billion
Larsen and Turbo Infotech is among the top 15 IT companies in the world according to the Everest Group’s Peak Matrix. It was also recognized as the top 10 loT service providers by HFS Research.
In 2020 L & T Infotec managed to enter the Nifty Next 50 Index.
The vital services of the enterprise are:-
Cloud and Infrastructure service
Assurance Service
Cyber Defense Resiliency Service
Application Management
The integration platforms of L & T Infotech are-

Advanced Smartcity Operating Platform
Rapid Adopt
L & T Infotech serves many industries such as banking and financial sector, insurance, energy & utilities, CPG & Retail, HiTech, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Manufacturing etc.
The huge workforce consists of 31,419 people who work in 32 countries go the extra mile to help more than 420 clients across the world.



Established in- 1991
Founder- B V R Mohan Reddy
Present CEO- Krishna Bodanapu
Headquarters- Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Stock Price- CYIENT (NSE) Rs. 418.00 -2.90 (-0.69%), 28th Feb 3.30 pm IST Disclaimer
Revenue- 40.69 billion
Market Capitalization- 45.97 billion
Cyient was previously known as Infotech Enterprises Limited. Headquartered at Hyderabad, Cyient has offices in 21 countries to serve the global clients.
The primary industries that Cyient serves are Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Communication, Energy, Geospatial, Industrial & Heavy Equipment, Medical Technology & Healthcare, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Rail Transportation, Semiconductor, utilities etc.
Cyient limited designed “software-enabled engineering & geographic information system services (GIS)” in the year 2017.
Out of multiple accolades that Cyient holds the Indo-American Corporate Excellence Award for 3 consecutive times. It is for the best Indian company that operates in the US under the technology and communication category.
Cyient also found a place among the top 30 outsourcing companies in the world.

India is leading the world every field, and the above companies, their revenue, market capitalization etc. are proofs of the development.

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