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Social Media Optimization For Website

Are you familiar with social media optimization? Social media optimization is used to  increase the awareness of a product, brand, service,event etc through the different social media outlets and communities. Different types of social medias are RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social networking sites, such as Twitter, and video sharing websites and blogging sites. SMO increases your business website presence on web by advertising on these social medias.

Advantages of Social Media Optimization:

  • Promoting your business for free
  • Enhances your business brand value
  • Generate leads for your business
  • Get more online visibility
  • Stay attached with your audience


Why Social Media Optimization Is Important

In the past, search engine marketing and social media marketing treated as two distinct and different kinds of marketing.But the truth is that they are more interconnected.

While Google has not stated that social media directly affects its search algorithm yet, there is proof to suggest that it does. 50% of companies that are not succeeding with SEO are not integrating SMM.

Aside from that, the advantages of SMM have been well documented. If you would like a solid overall approach to internet marketing, you will need a balance of  SMO and SEO.

Here are some quick tips on how to make the most of your SMO efforts.

1. Integrate Social into your Website

Integrate social sharing tools into your site.You must include direct web links to your social media channels from your site and from your social media profiles back to your site. Add social media sharing buttons to every blog posts. Links on social media are considered as higher-quality links because social media sites have a high web authority.

2. Consistency is Key to SMO

Creating your social media profile is an easy task. Fill out the profile data 100%. It creates a more professional experience for others in your network, so all the contact information in your website should be same as they are on your social media profiles.

3. Align SEO keywords and Social Media

Keywords play an important role in maximizing the exposure of your social media profiles. If you are not optimizing your profiles, you’re leaving money on the table for your competitors. If you can effectively use your keywords in your profile or page, it will help achieve better ranking in keyword searches on google.

4. Use Keywords in Your Posts

Keywords are very important for your website, content, blogs and ad-campaigns. Keywords also helps to keep the content relevant to the target audience.

5. Be Social on Social Media

Social signals are very important for search engine optimization because search engines look at how often you are posting, how many people interact with you, and if there are social sharing elements available to visitors.

6. Use Branded Cover Images

Cover image is the first thing a user sees when they visits your page, and you must give them the best impression. You should convey your brand messaging to your current and prospective followers by using this opportunity. To make sure that your cover image is formatted and displayed by using recommended size guides for each platform. Use professional images for cover pic that are memorable and relevant.

7. Stay in Control

Always use a company controlled email address to create the brand social media accounts. Never use a personal e-mail address. Because you no longer have access to that account due to employee turnover, so you cannot optimize that account. If used properly, social media can become the greatest asset for improving the organic search result of the website.

List of Top DA, Low Alexa rank Social media Websites

  • Social Networking Sites(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn Pulse, Google Plus)
  • Social bookmarking sites(Delicious, Digg, Disqus)
  • Blogging( Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr)
  • Image Sharing sites(Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr)
  • Video Sharing Sites(You tube, Vimeo, Daily motion
  • Document Sharing sites( Slideshare)
  •, reddit, newsvine, Twoo, Xing, Medium, Secrete, Stumbleupon, newsle,, diigo, folkd, bizsugar, MyMFB, buddymarks, blinklist, linkrena, youmob, designfloat, newsmeback,, cloudytags, vine.

Strategies That Increase Business Brand, Leads, conversions, visibility Online:

Below are just some of the many strategies people use in social media marketing.  

  • Optimizing Your Business Social Profiles, Biography, Cover Photo, Content etc
  • Use high quality images
  • Use hashtags. It will help to categorize social media posts, track trending topics, increases your post reach etc.
  • Short posts do not help much in search engine rankings, so keep it as long as possible, preferably above 1000 words.
  • Track Social Media Analytics.
  • Creating Profile or communities, Engaging in relevant Communities. If you want to increase engagements on your social media profiles, invite relevant clients.
  • Posting Status regularly
  • Create internal links
  • Article Writing, Press Release, Blogging
  • Get backlinks to your websites
  • Social Media Advertising
  • RSS feeds
  • Allow your audience use your content
  • Bookmarking the content

  Social Media Automation Tools

Knowem : It is used to check whether the profile exists in the social media websites.

Canva : It is used to check if your images are correct size for each social media site.

RiteTag : It is used to check the hashtags that will work for your business.

Google Analytics : It is used to measure economic value of social media, to track small amount of direct value added to the business and which channels are contributing how much.

Crowdbooster : It is used to optimize your business social media.

TrueSocialMetrics : It is used to measure the metrics conversion rate, applause rate, amplification rate etc.

Quora : It is used to monitor the discussions and questions relevant in your industry.

Social Mention : It is used to measure what people are saying about your company, a new product etc across the social media.

Hootsuite : It is used for social media management.

Internet marketing services are not limited to SEO and Social media.  Best web development companies should provide a host of digital marketing services.  It is upto the businesses to find out the best match for their wallet and requirements. Digital marketing in Kochi is a hot trending topic for businesses already, finding out the right digital marketing agency is an important task, so best of luck !

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