Sijin Stephen

Director of Intuisyz Consulting

Sijin Stephen is the Founder and Director of Intuisyz Information Technology and Social Media Consulting and a visionary withacute business acumen. Sijin has fostered the company from its very inception and its recognition today can be attributed to his insight and integrity. Fascinated by technology at the tender age of 13, he brilliantly demonstrated his erudition by developing his own versions of popular computer games.

After graduation, he went on to work with a multitude of corporates based in India and abroad, a journey that greatly supplemented his knowledge and expertise in understanding global trends. Being an entrepreneur of utmost calibre, he currently leads three companies with unfeigned passion and commitment. His cordial nature coupled with extraordinary determination and keenness of perception makes him stand out from any crowd. Young and dynamic, Sijin has proved that dedication, innovation and commitment can do wonders to the success of any enterprise.

Under his leadership, Intuisyz pioneered the social media marketing in South India and led campaigns for a number of renowned personas and enterprises, which in turn played an instrumental role in its own rise to acclaim. Currently, Intuisyz is a trusted name in web designing and internet marketing, an achievement that is a reflection of his excellence and foresight. Sijin has proved that leadership is not about wielding power, but about empowering others with nobility and humility. He has converted many a dreams to realities, and continues to inspire the Intuisyz family with his innate spark to innovate.

Sijin Stephen's Past Companies

Responsive Web Design Company Kochi

March 2004 - April 2012 (8 years 2 months)
Public Company: 10,001+ employees
HBC: Financial Services industry

Web Developers Kerala

Kalculate - Financial Accounting Package for Linux. Kalculate is the first Indian Financial Accounting
Package for Linux. Supported by IBM through
their Developer conferences in 2002

Mobile App Developers India

2002- 2004 (2 years)
ADP Dealer Services
Public Company: 10,001+ employees
ADP: Computer Software Industry

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