Mobile marketing

Notepads, wristwatches, compasses, pens, computers etc. are all being replaced by one single electronic gadget named smartphone. Almost three-fourths of the population around the globe own this magic wand which can do anything under the sky. So, why not make it do some advertisements too ??? Mobile marketing is targeted at reaching the potential customers at the environment of their choice which is the tip of their fingers through smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices by messaging which can be either SMS OR MMS, websites and apps. There are significant benefits related to this kind of marketing strategy. Below are a few of them for you to ponder over.

Few Points to prove Mobile Marketing is beneficial.

  • Accessibility

80% of internet users own a smartphone !! Doesn't that sound appealing enough to make people out there aware of your products and services. The messages, emails, app notifications etc. can never go unnoticed with the tech-savvy generation glued to their devices.

  • Massive augmentation

The world is steadily moving towards achieving 100% digitization, and the year 2019 may witness a lot of growth regarding technology. Loads of smartphone users will be introduced to the world providing a broad platform for the brands to showcase their talent.

  • Track the Location

Cell phone numbers of customers are collected at the time of their first purchase from the brand to inform them regarding exciting offers by SMS, email or app notifications. The locations can be accessed, and customer friendly deals can be pinged at the smartphone to lure the buyer.

  • Cost Efficient

Mobile marketing is the most economical way to advertise since internet connectivity is relatively cheaper these days as compared to olden times. Specialist software can carry out the entire task with a little human indulgence. Advertising at social media platforms doesn't even need an application, just creating the business profile will be enough to start promoting your brand.

  • Personal Touch

Mobile phones are unarguably the most personal and device a human owns, therefore, to be able to interact with him on his phone is even more intimate connection. A highly cherished bond is likely to develop among the brand and customers provided your products reach their expectations.

  • Galore of Ideas

There is ample room for advertising when it comes to mobile marketing. Endorsements can be customised according to the needs of the customer. In-game ads, QR codes, Voice marketing, Banner pop-up are some examples proving the full range of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a tool which will never stop building your audience, so go for it!!!!!

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