Intuisyz has extensive experience in digital marketing and general digital presence management Consulting. We can help businesses to achieve international standards in the use of digital marketing platforms.

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Review existing systems to understanding gaps with business objectives. Align information systems to the organizational goals. Develop tactics to meet the organizational goals.

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Liaise with vendors to execute the plans. Coordinate with Marketing team to make compelling offers to convert visitors to leads. Co-ordinate with the sales team to uses best practices to effectively convert leads into sales.

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Closely track progress against plans. Quality Assurance measures. Report deviations if any and initiate corrective measures for deviations.


IT Consulting Company Kerala

Initiation - 15 minutes

Successful businesses understand that their needs should keep evolving to remain successful. The biggest changes in the business environment today have something to do with digital marketing. We request one of the business leaders to meet with our consultants at your own office. During this meeting, we will be able to and out whether your business will benefit from a strategic change in your digital marketing method. Sometimes, you may not have anything to worry. Your social media platforms may be just right for your business.

Detailed Business Review - 1 Week

During this stage, INTUISYZ performs an in-depth analysis of your business model to suggest your strengths and weaknesses. Businesses need to consolidate their strengths and work on their weaknesses We analyze various areas of your business to see whether there is any area you can improve return on.

Detailed Systems Review – 2 Weeks

Very often, businesses do not use their existing digital platforms effectively. Sometimes, it is possible to improve productivity by just using your existing digital systems in the best possible way. When a system is not meeting some of your needs, it is possible to extend that system rather than create something entirely new. At the end of this review, we will be able to help you use your existing systems in the best possible way and provide you with pointers as to how you can optimize your digital presence.

Strategy Document – 1 Week

This is a summary document which contains a roadmap of steps that you can take to get the best returns on your digital marketing investment.

Strategy Execution

We help you execute the strategy and report to you the progress on a regular basis. You can consider us as Your OWN digital marketing team that helps monitor your vendors for you.


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