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User Experience, Digital Marketing and Web Design – Where art meets technology and psychology

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In this era of digitalization, many businesses have understood the importance of having an interactive website and a solid digital marketing plan. As recent years have seen a larger rise in online users, business firms are looking for the best possible strategies to increase their online presence and bring in conversions. 

Whatever the purpose is, the quality of a person’s online experience with a company website can impact the firm’s success. For businesses wanting to attract leads and convert them to customers, user experience (UX) is a crucial factor of consideration in their digital marketing strategies.

Today, the users have become more tech-savvy and time-starved. With growing technology, online marketing has evolved, making the designers work on developing more human-centred strategies for users of all ages, backgrounds and technical experiences. As long as digital devices, online media, and the internet continue to be a part of our daily life, there will be a need to create more and more interactive & user-centric applications.

A user-friendly website developed by considering UI & UX in mind provides an ideal journey for every customer. It combines multiple elements like seamless navigation, easily digestible content and multiple device compatibility to create a digital environment that makes a business stand out. 

What is user experience (UX)? How is it different from the user interface (UI)?

User experience can be defined as the perception of the audience or the users’ experience when they interact with every aspect of a company’s product or service. It is the attitude, feelings and reactions people have in their interactions. Web designs based on UX prioritize the aspects related to human behaviour and meet the needs of the users by understanding their feelings and their journey while using a product/service. 

On the other hand, the user interface is something that a user may interact with when they use a digital product or service. User interface designing is a process designers use to build visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces in digital media and computerized devices. It focuses on designing tangible elements and providing the basic framework for a user to utilize a digital product. 

Both UI & UX are essential components of web designing. They contribute to designing and developing user-centric websites by providing an aesthetic feel to the websites and minimizing the efforts of navigation for the users. 

How is UX connected to digital marketing and web design?

One of the major reasons for developing a website is to increase the online presence of a firm and attract the right audience. Websites with good aesthetics, feel, and usability always stand out from the un-interesting, poorly designed ones. They act as a critical component of your promotional efforts, encompassing multiple variables of digital marketing. 

The main motive behind user experience design is to reduce the effort taken by customers to achieve their purpose. It digs deeper into what can be done to satisfy the specific needs of an individual user. However, the target audience has to be well known before designing a website to make users feel worthy. 

While digital marketing revolves around revenue generation, a good website that gives the best possible looks and feels to customers contributes greatly to digital marketing efforts. 

Impact of an effective UX on web designing and digital marketing strategies 

In their online journey on a website, the users will always be looking for easily accessible content, valuable services, desirable web appeal, and findable design layouts.  

Let’s look at various marketing components, explore tips to improve user experience and find out how a good web design with an effective UI can help with the promotional efforts:


Building a brand name by prioritizing users’ attitudes assists in growing the brand. It also ensures strong long term bonds with the customers. Providing customer satisfaction in the very beginning is a great way to save an ample amount of time, money and other resources in the long run. Users can judge you based on web design, so make sure your site and landing pages reflect your brand. Consider all elements like the logo, images, colours, icons, buttons, fonts and the overall content. Also, ensure that the look and feel of your website are consistent with all marketing materials. 

Landing page designs

A landing page can be the first visual sight introducing a user to a website. Well designed websites will have perfect landing pages that increase the visitor-to-customer conversion rates. The addition of the latest trends like scroll animations, gradient infused designs, innovative brand videos, catchy titles, and abstract graphics can help achieve the finest UX. 

If an ad is posted somewhere to direct a user to a landing page, then it should have a connection or similar look & feel to the website, and the transfer should be seamless, leading the user to take the desired action. 

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to convey a message to the right audience. People would love to enjoy visually engaging content, therefore, well-crafted SEO optimized content is a key ingredient to a good user experience. UX designers can use metrics such as visitor numbers and bounce rates to craft unique content that meets the target audience’s requirements. To attract the audience through content try creating regularly updated blog sections, interactive videos, animations etc. Make sure that it is formatted for digital use. And also, don’t forget to refresh the existing content, whenever it gets outdated or no longer meets the customer requirements. 

The visitors need to find what they are looking for quickly. So it is recommended not to use large size videos or images that increase the loading time. It can create frustrations among the visitors, causing them to leave your website. 


Search engine optimization is one of the most important strategies that increase the visibility of a website. This is very essential because if your site is not optimized, there are fewer chances for the target audience to find you through search engines. Having fresh and updated non-duplicate content is essential for the success of SEO efforts. 

A good UX can contribute to greater visibility in searches. It encourages the audience to explore your website, reducing the bounce rate (the percentage of site visitors who visit a page of the website and leave without viewing other pages) and increasing search engine appearances. Lower the bounce rates, higher the chances to appear in searches.   

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rates reveal the percentage of visitors who take action, such as signing up for newsletters or purchasing a product. The optimization process involves increasing these conversions from a mobile application or a website. As UX designers put themselves in customer view while designing, a good user experience designed by considering users in mind can guide the visitor to conversion. You’ll be required to make a simple and functional web design that satisfies the UX. Effective web design with a good UI & UX helps improve the overall design, layout, text, and call-to-action options to improve conversions and sales.  

Optimization for mobile screens

It is highly essential to optimize websites and landing pages for smartphone users. Most people are likely to search for or buy a product/service from their mobile phones. The mini-screens are the primary touchpoint for a growing amount of digital users. So the users are likely to get frustrated and abandon a website if it is not optimized for their screens. A mobile optimized website is also crucial for a high SEO mobile rank.  

In a nutshell, user experience can greatly impact digital marketing and web design. All of them are connected in many ways. Effective user experience ties together with various components of web design and digital marketing plans. If you make a wrong move in any of them, there are chances for it to affect the others. Your web design and digital marketing plan should consider the entire user experience from start to finish.  

Web design plays an important role in increasing the reach of an enterprise from branding to search engine optimization to social media outreach. Making efforts to reach the goal without proper knowledge might not give positive results. So it is always advisable to consult a renowned web design and digital marketing agency which can guide you through your journey of attracting leads and bringing in conversions.

We, at Intuisyz have developed comprehensive web design and digital marketing strategies to analyze and convert targets into customers. Our team backs your needs while designing a website with the most user-friendly features and aesthetic design. For discussing your web design and online marketing objectives, kindly reach out to us through our contact us page.

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