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Top Web Design Companies In The World

What you mean by the title “best web design company” ? How does a company become the “best web design company in the world”? What is the criteria used to determine the title?

Before we try to understand how we can be considered as the best web design company, we have to first understand out how the “best web design company” is actually defined. Here we will show you some companies that we believe are some of the best in the business.


10 Best Web Design Agencies In The World

The following are some top 3 design companies:

1. 22squared

Reason : The fourth largest independent advertising agency in the US, They have some impressive clients, including GNC , Baskin-Robbins , The Home Depot and HanesBrands.

Country: USA

22squared is a full-service, 100% employee-owned advertising agency with fierce beliefs and a unifying culture. With nearly 350 employees across two offices, their clients describe them as “happily feisty” because we work tirelessly to make them successful. Their belief – “Brands must be Welcome Intruders in the lives of consumers”. This means creating ideas and content that consumers will actually welcome, and delivering them to consumers at exactly the right time and place.

2. North Kingdom

Reason : Why they have them on the best web design company list mainly due to their work on “Got Milk” promotional website and Vodafone’s website. We believe that they have some of the top web designers in the world because of their overall quality. Coke, Toyota, and Victoria’s Secret etc are the clients.

Country : Sweden

They are a worldwide expertise design company. They assist their customers to form experiences, services and product that play a purposeful role in people’s lives. They believe that new worth are often created where individuals, business, and technology collide. Through human-centered design, they create the complex simple and relatable, no matter what platform or medium.

Digital technology has created our world a lot of clear and interconnected, sitting new challenges and opportunities for each business. A holistic, user-centric perspective is what actually sets one apart. Successful services and products do not exist in a void, but are seamlessly immersed in a person’s life. This can be why great web design companies have a tendency to approach each project with a double-lens read, that specializes in each the target audience and the customer. Once the world with most potential has been known, the technical and design experts step in to confirm a progressive execution. By connecting user-first insights with design strategies and technology, they have a tendency to believe that lasting worth comes from creating things higher – not simply creating higher things.


Reason : AKQA providing design, data science and social media. AKQA has done work for Football, Google, Football and Warner Brothers Entertainment and Nike. They have also collaborated with Usher and won four awards at The Clios.

Country : England

AKQA is an ideas and innovation company. AKQA’s authoritative work is recognised worldwide for its pioneering approach, continued to outline and lead the business. They design and deliver iconic experient team has been concerned in a number of the foremost groundbreaking projects aces, services and products that improve people’s lives. Their multidisciplinary cross multiple industries.

Social media team of AQUA’s has a distinctive leadership position that offers their customers with incomparable competitive advantage, serving to them to with success navigate platforms, channels and multiple regions to deliver seamless solutions.

The following are some other  top design companies :

1. 2Advanced Studios

Reason : The reason to consider 2Advanced Studios on the best web design company list is that their artwork is completely original and aesthetically pleasing. Their clients are AOL, Ford ,Motorola, Bacardi and ESPN. These artists are the best flash designers in the world.

Country : USA

2. AgencyTen Interactive

Reason: Why they have them on the best web design company list is, with a simple, clean-cut website, it’s easy to navigate and find exactly what services you are looking for. Clients are Bombay Sapphire, HBO, Bacardi, Motorola and ESPN.

Country : USA

3.  360i

Reason : 360i has working with companies like Canon, Coca-Cola and Ben & Jerry’s. They provides planning, strategy, technology, social and more–making it simple  to understand why it landed a spot on the list.

Country : USA

4. Grey Global Group

Reason : The company located in New York City. Gray serves one-fifth of the Fortune five hundred list that makes it one amongst the foremost winning firms on the list. They provide everything from digital technology, to media and advertising.

Country : USA

5. Cramer-Krasselt

Reason : They provide analytics, digital services, public relations etc and works for companies such as Panera Bread, Corona and Nikon.

Country : USA

6. Tombras Group

Reason : It was founded in 1946. It is a  family-owned agency. Serving businesses like MoonPie, McDonalds and Michelin. This company gets a definite spot on our list.

Country : USA

7. Conversant

Reason : They allows their customers to reach millions of mobile users with targeted advertising, CRM and video. They also provide everything from engineering to and human resources and marketing. They serve companies such as Double Verify, AdChoices and Green Plum.

Country : USA

Qualities of the Best Web Design Companies

You simply cannot confirm if an organization is one of the best, depending on their design portfolio. There are several different factors to consider likewise.

The qualities that we feel the best web design company in the world should have.

1. Award Winning Design

This is the most important criteria for the best web design company. The Interactive Media Awards, The Horizon Interactive Awards and The Webby Awards are some of the national awards available for stellar website design. Also several awards available in specific states or regions that can  that may tend to the best local web design.

2. Expansive Portfolio

To qualify the title “the best web design company” , an organization needs to show that they have worked in different types of industries. Best web design companies can display work with many clients across multiple industries, showing powerful elements of adaptation and versatility. The best website design company could tailor their user experience and results to accommodate the needs of any business, from construction to textiles and more. Clients need to know that you can, work with their company to design the best possible website.

3. Innovative Approach

Website design is a continuously-changing business, the best web design firms are those that keep their customers’ sites up to date with the recent technology. Even the good designs are sure to feel obsolete at intervals a number of years, and with modern customers who are used to constant updates and innovation. Some firms might imagine that simply updating visual parts is enough to create customers happy, however true innovation suggests that embracing modification in all forms. To be a best design firm, you would like to try to to quite follow the trends—you ought to be a trailblazer.

4. Track Record of Success

If the company does not having proven records of successful work can easily knock an agency off the list of  best web design company. To make our web design companies list, a company wants a history of satisfied customers that report success. Testimonials provides to website design firms are an outstanding indication of happy clients, as are long-standing accounts and a high client retention rate.

5. Extensive Services Offered

It would be simple to rank because the best web design firm if the main focus was solely on web design. To us, that is not ok. We can qualify as the best website design company has to do more than just a web design. Best web design firms provide full range of services to meet all the requirements of customers from development to digital marketing. The best web design company must offer the services such as interactive coding, SEO, PPC management etc.

6. Company Growth

Like any eminent business, the best design company within the world ought to be constantly increasing and growing its revenue. Continued growth is integral to any business model. The best web designing company can show growth with its client base, employees, revenue, and alternative parts that clearly sets them with the exception of their competitors.

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