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Dare to deviate from traditional financing approaches that utilise more resources for lesser outputs. Traditional methods require you to enter opening balances, setup charts of accounts, etc. before letting you issue invoices or record payments. Instead, we provide a convenient system that focuses only on necessary features. We let you manage and view details on account statements, details of amount received, mode of payment and profit, loss and balance sheet. Apart from that, our system tracks entries of receivable amount and mode of payment. We constantly update you with the status of payment already made and payment yet to be received.


  • Keep updated about your debtors and send them constant reminders
  • Get constant insights into your finances
  • Get complex visibility of your business (balance sheet, P&L, tax details) with just a click
  • Monitor key trends in your business like cash flow and revenue
  • Easy invoicing and statements
  • Online banking integration
  • Multi-user login
  • Track sales and expense



As every report, it is detailed display of all kind of transactions which are going on and happened before. The transactions can be of about cash from hand to hand or with online methodologies. There is a special feature called daybook where we can easily track all the details about daily transactions.


It provides a logical structure for the balance sheet accounts and income statement accounts in your general ledger. It facilitates easy addition, deletion and maintenance of Accounts


Groups with different ledgers can be added in this option. Later, we can also view the group. This really helps in figuring out the particular ledger.

Leader Account

It can be used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions. Individual ledger accounts can be easily created and maintained for cash, xed assets, inventory, debt, revenue etc.


It provides a detailed report of each and every transaction. It also provides a list of transactions conducted in a particular period of time.It helps you keep track of money credited and debited.

Account Statement

It gives you a summary of all your nancial transactions over a period of time. Monthly or quarterly account statements help keep an eye on your expenses and is very critical for budgeting.

Profit & loss

Profit and loss is calculated from the list of income and expenses which can be added in this option. This helps the company to move forward. Company can make necessary decision after viewing this details.

Balance sheet

Balance sheet is a financial statement which gives an outline of company’s assets, shareholders and liabilities. By these three balance sheets, investors get an idea about the company’s owes and owns.


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