What is Digital Marketing?

Oct 14, 2017

In a nutshell, digital marketing is marketing on digital platforms primarily internet. Sometimes, it also includes SMS marketing and other devices such as smartphone platforms. With the advent of the Internet of Things, more and more devices are becoming viable marketing platforms for entrepreneurs. Very often marketing academics refer to the 4Ps – Products, Price, Place and Promotion. The internet has revolutionalized almost all aspects of the 4Ps.

1. Product

The most sought-after products today did not even exist 20 years back. You can read books, watch films, purchase stocks, order food over the internet. Most valuable companies in fortune 100 today sell only digital products and services.

2. Price

eCommerce has enabled flexible prices disrupting the traditional marketplaces. Prices of electronic devices have fallen drastically due to the removal of middlemen from the supply chain. It appears that with the advent of cryptocurrencies such as the bitcoin, even banks may disappear from the equation very soon.

3. Place Where do you buy the products from? No prize for guessing – it’s the internet.
4. Promotion – It is this 4th P, the digital marketing is all about. When all the remaining 3 Ps of marketing have been already significantly impacted by the internet, it is quite      natural that promotion will be disrupted.
People are becoming more and more attached to their devices, so the businesses have to be visible in these devices if they want to survive in this new market. People search google to find out which is the best product, so if you are not visible in the top of the search results, you will miss out on most of the opportunities.
Similarly, people are glued to their social media walls for hours, being visible in social media is a guaranteed way to increase your brand value.
The following are some of the most widely used assets used for digital marketing.
Website, Blog, Infographics, Social Media Channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc), Brochures, Videos

Most widely used techniques

There are a lot of methods used by digital marketers, the following among them are most popular.

1) Search Engine Optimization

It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.SEO helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.

2) Content Marketing

Create and promote content for boosting brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation and customers.

3) Social Media Marketing

Gain traffic, brand promotion, lead generation through social media channels.

4) Pay-Per-Click

PPC means gaining traffic to your website by paying a small amount to the search engine. The most common type of PPC is Google Adwords.When the PPC is applied perfectly, the fee will be manageable. If we spend $3 for a click and we can convert it to a sale worth $300, your marketing expense is only 1%.

5) Email Marketing

With Email marketing, promote your products /services through Email. Mailers help you to build a relationship with your potential customers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing benefits can grow your business beyond limits. Compare your offline marketing in a newspaper, with the same ad in social media there are several advantages for digital.
It’s difficult to measure the number of people who actually viewed the ad in a newspaper. It is easy to measure reach and response to digital marketing adverts.
With digital marketing, you can measure ROI of your marketing efforts more efficiently.

How is digital marketing more measurable?

1) Website Traffic

With digital marketing, the number of visitors, active real-time visitors can be measured with the help of digital analytics software.This helps to study the search nature and its source and thus can improve the methods for driving more visitors to your website.

2)Content Performance and lead generation

Analyze how the content is taken seriously by the viewers by looking page visited by the customers. For eg: if the website has options to download brochures with valuable content, it’s possible to know the count of people actually clicks and downloaded.

3)Customer Tracking

Track the customers, their search history, which service are they often going through etc. can make you vigilant regarding the neediest service for your customers.

4)Conversion Optimization

Better digital marketing techniques can give the best quality leads and this will be easy to convert.


Digital advertisement platforms provide very detailed analytics engines. You can optimize the performance of your advertisements real time as the response is immediate. This way, you can get the best returns from your advertisement investments

6)Social Proofs

Your authority on the internet is measurable. Robots crawl all over the internet to measure how people are responding to your brands. This authority is visible and quite often directly translate to organic traffic to your digital platforms.
Social media platforms can give you in-depth information about the response to your campaigns. You can analyze how people respond to based on demographics, interests, professions, age groups, gender the list goes on.

What are the benefits of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing

Positive comments and feedback about your company /product via social media channels can attract new customers and build a long-lasting relationship.High influence of social media activities can be utilized for getting into the online market easily. Brand recognition and popularity can captivate the potential customers.

1) Cost effective than Traditional Marketing

Wise execution of campaigns on social media platforms can deliver better results than expected. Usable keywords associated with the business and based on completion, these campaigns can be successful with less effort.

2) Generate Better Revenues

The possibility of lead conversion is high through digital marketing.Conversion rate generated through digital marketing will deliver profitable outcome from the business.

3) Digital Marketing enables interaction with Customers

The main reason why digital marketing is competitive over traditional marketing is that availability of internet marketing tools for targeting to potential customers in real time. Your engagement in any form can make your audience much more aware of your product. You will also get an insight of what your targeted audiences want. This valuable information will boost your next moves and provide your customers a much better experience. With this, develop a good relationship; gain their trust that they need you for their business growth.

4) Digital Marketing Builds Brand Reputation

Digital marketing can do wonders in bringing up your brand reputation. If your engagement in social media through content marketing will help your targeted audiences to consider your product a trustful one. These customers are more likely to buy your product and if they are already accepted, their positive comments will be an add-on. Satisfied customers share their experiences with others through your social media channels which will give brand recognition globally.

5) Viral marketing

Your products can gain superstardom if you are able to do viral marketing. The return on investment on a viral campaign is similar to winning a lottery.
Happy Digital Marketing!

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