Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

If you are an entrepreneur and thinking of different  strategies to improve your business’s appeal? Then the choice of an efficient marketing method is crucial.Ensure that your marketing strategy gives you best reach and best return.

In this digital era, technology replaced human actions to a great extent. In the case of marketing also, possibilities of technology are huge and effective as compared to traditional marketing methods.

Well, one of the famous marketing experts Regis McKenna defines marketing as “Marketing is everything.” Adapting to what he say’s we have to do everything to reach our customers and today’s customer is spending a great time on the internet!

We as a digital marketing agency in this field had discussion with many entrepreneurs (small and large businesses) about the effectiveness of result from both the techniques. Experienced from their feedback that ROI is remarkably high when they spent for advertising in social media as that of in print media. Hence digital marketing is gaining more importance in this aspect.

Traditional Marketing


Traditional marketing means brand advertisement through print, audio or visual medias.This include newspapers,notices,magazines,billboards, radio,television,OOH.These kind of ads usually have a fees as per the size of the ad and the medium in which it is published. Traditional marketing usually can be categorized into;

ATL (Above the line) – ATL included using mass media like OOH, TV, Radio, Newspaper etc.
BTL (Below the line) – BTL includes using direct channels like catalogues, telemarketing, events, magazines, exhibitions & sponsorships etc.

Traditional Marketing: – Some Real Facts


1) Follows a person-to person approach in informing the audience about their brand.

2) Customer interaction with the medium will be less.

3) It’s more a kind of giving information to the public with the hope that these people will take over the rest for brand promotion.

4) Results on traditional marketing strategy is not easy to measure as there is no way to interpret results.

Digital Marketing   


Its a broad concept of Internet Marketing using websites, blog and social media platforms. Execution of promotional ads in digital marketing is cost effective and result oriented. It’s a kind of engaging with your wide customer base, understand their need, and suggest/execute right methods.

Digital marketing Features

1) Global platform for promoting brand awareness to reach a wider customer base.

2) Brand popularity can be easily attained even without physical presence

3) Public can have access on different content and can share in YouTube or other sharing websites.

4) Easily handling platforms including business networking sites like LinkedIn, social media sites like facebook,instagram and twitter

5) Used Techniques : Email Marketing, Paid Pop Up Ads ,Blogs and Click bating URLs for viral content marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing

1) Wide range of target audience

2) Demographic targeting is possible which means based on the user behavior on the internet, you can target based on demographics such as gender, location, age and interests. This makes the campaign more effective.

3) Effective and smooth interaction with your audience. You can engage audience, attract them with content so they will proceed the rest by visiting website, read about your products and services, rate them and give feedback.

4) In traditional marketing, the result to your advertisement is not effective as compared to an ad campaign in social media. The newspaper ads, notices flyers etc once they reach the audience, it need not reach viral. Social media campaigns can spread the information quickly. Within a short span of time your informative content will be seen by so many prospects. With quality content this can go viral also.

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

Let’s have a look in depth traditional marketing versus digital marketing.


1) The medium used mainly print media like Newspaper

2) Maximum Reach expected upto 6 lakh

3) Cost 7 to 10 Lakh

4) Ad existence will be for one day only

5) ROI will be less


1) Medium used : Social Media

2) Method : Paid advertisement /free ( free advertisement can’t help in reaching to a large audience

3) Reach will be high with less effort

4) ROI is comparatively high

Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing? Is there a huge difference between the two techniques? Which one is better and result oriented? All these questions will arise when you the entrepreneur decide to promote your brand to your audience.

Hence understanding what is the effective way to advertise and reach your audience is very important and hope this blog will help you to make the right decision regarding your business promotional activities.

Make a Smart Choice, be happy, stress free and satisfy your customers!

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