Affordable Web Design Services in Kochi

Today’s information technology makes it possible to sell products and services in a matter of hours. This is accomplished using websites and other digital platforms. The websites should provide necessary background to build credibility before the customers you want to do business with. How to build my website ?  Do you feel stuck with this question? Walk into INTUISYZ Technologies Pvt.Ltd, the Best Web Designing Company in Cochin. We help you build websites. INTUISYZ Technologies Pvt.Ltd provides  Affordable Web Design Services in Kochi.

A few tips for web developers

  1. Determine The Aim Of Your Website

Why do customers visit websites ? They are trying to solve a problem. Your product or service may help them resolve this problem.  Provide necessary information for them to make that decision.

2) Select  The Right Platform

Joomla and wordpress are the popular software available today. These are free and open-source content management systems, used for publishing web content.

Benefits of Joomla :

  • Multipurpose – Allows to build a wide variety of websites and applications quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of themes and templates are available
  • License is free of cost

Benefits of WordPress :

  • Low cost of development
  • Search Engine Optimization is made simple
  • Availability of free plugins and extensions


3) Choose The Web Host

Select a reliable web hosting service. You can opt between dedicated  and shared servers.  Dedicated servers are  expensive, but gives flexibility and greater control.

4) Select The Templates And Plugins For The Websites

In cms software like Joomla and wordpress, we can choose from different templates. Plugins can add special features to an existing computer program.


5) Organize The Website

Make it easy for your customers to navigate through your website.   Do not scatter information.

6) Develop Content

Content should be developed for adding into the various web pages. It can be the hardest task of the website development project. If you aim to sell your products and services, you need to think like an advertiser.  Website should talk like your best salesman.

INTUISYZ Information Technology and Social Media Consulting is a Web Design Firm in Kochi. The main intention of our company is to deliver international standards to Indian business. We also offers the best Web Development Services in Kochi.

We Design Your Dreams !!!!

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